Houston soccer talent came to light during Allstate Sueño Alianza’s third tryouts, which took place in the city’s Meyer Park. Now, three young players have earned their ticket to the Allstate Sueño Alianza National Showcase, which will be held this September in Los Angeles.

Issaí Ramírez, Henrri Guzmán and Nicolás Miguel stood out among more than 400 players that came to tryout against elite teams from Liga MX, such as Pachuca and Tigres, as well as Houston Dynamo from MLS, US Soccer and Texans-Rise.

Selecting the winners was no easy task for the attending scouts, but the talent and unyielding determination of Issai, Henrri and Nicolás got them through to the next stage as the top contenders in their respective categories. Neither the summer heat, nor the accumulated fatigue were able to deter these dedicated players; they came in strong and left having served up the performance of a lifetime.

Issai Ramírez from the U-14 category, Henrri Guzmán from the U-17 category and Nicolás Miguel from the U-20 category were selected among the 48 top finalists as the best in their city, while the remaining 45 finalists still have the possibility of being selected in September for the Allstate Sueño Alianza National Showcase.

In U-14, Issai Ramírez, from Houston, TX, is a defender. From the U-17 category, Henrri Guzman, from Houston, TX plays as a striker. And from the U-20’s, Nicolás Miguel is also a defender from Magnolia, TX.

The following players also received professional invitations from the attending scouts: Luis Moreno (Texans-Rise), Edison Merlos (Tigres), Marcelo Ojeda (Tigres), Itzel Alemán (Houston Dynamo), César Baltazar (Houston Dynamo), José María Ojeda (Texans-Rise), Nicolás Miguel (Tigres), Daniel Flores (Houston Dynamo), Gerardo Loera (Texans-Rise), Israel Baizabal (Texans-Rise), Edgar Rentería (Texans-Rise), Anthony Velasquez (Texans-Rise, Tigres), Martín Cendejas (Houston Dynamo, Texans-Rise) and Henrri Guzmán (Houston Dynamo, Texans-Rise).

This was the third stop during the 2019 Allstate Sueño Alianza Tour. Rest easy, there’s more to come on June 22, where the tryouts will continue in Dallas, TX.

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