Tuzos became the first local champion in JUGOtv Copa Alianza within the second date of Alianza de Futbol’s 2019 tour of and secured its spot along with the runner-up team, Balance, a place in the National Finals, where they will compete for a $ 40,000 prize!

Tuzos, JUGOtv Copa Alianza’s first local champion within Alianza de Fubtol’s 2019 tour. These first place locals have secured their spot in the National Finals, along with Balance, Phoenix’s runner-up. Both teams will go on to compete for the $40,000 prize!

In the fields of Fear-Farm Soccer Complex, Tuzos faced Balance in a hard-fought final, in which  Tuzos took the victory, with a score of 1-0. Both teams will compete against each city’s 1st and 2nd place teams from the 2019 tour in order to have the chance to win the biggest prize/highest purse that any amateur soccer tournament in the United States has awarded.

Phoenix has hosted 160 players, distributed amongst 8 teams, and now, the JUGOtv Copa Alianza tournament stands tall as the most important and prestigious amateur soccer competition in the United States.

Next stop, Houston, TX! Alianza de Futbol and JUGOtv Copa Alianza’s 2019 tournament continues on June 8 and 9 in the Lone Star State.

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