The Hispanic community’s greatness is reflected in its talent

The Hispanic community’s greatness is reflected in its talent, which has been in its blood for generations, it’s the willingness to go out and fight for a dream to be able to reach excellence.

Alianza de Futbol is the biggest and most popular Hispanic Futbol Soccer program in the United States, it’s at the forefront of amateur soccer development and its 16th season is taking the 2019 Tour to 10 of the most important cities in the country. It offers five different programs and is looking forward to players from Toyota Copita Alianza, JUGOtv Copa Alianza, 5v5 and Alianza Femenil being able to win excellent prizes: up to $40,000 dollars, along with the distinction of being champions.

At Allstate Sueño Alianza, we want to see participants play for the best Mexican and U.S. teams, as talent scouts from the most important leagues will be there, including: La Liga MX, MLS, USL and the Mexican Federation of Soccer.

“I’ve decided to play the game at a challenging level because I’m prepared to do it, my history, my people and my roots all back me up.”