Alianza 5v5: A Lightning Party in Denver

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The Aurora Sports Park in Denver was the stage for an exciting lightning party during the Alianza 5v5 tournament.

The first leg of the Alianza de Fútbol Tour 2023 sparked an authentic feast in Denver, with a competition that crowned four champions in the U10, U12, U14, and U16 categories, featuring five players per team.

Denver witnessed the participation of 26 teams in the 5v5 tournament, marking a milestone in Alianza de Fútbol history with one of the highest numbers of participants in the lightning tournament.

Last Sunday, high-level matches unfolded in the inaugural edition held at the Aurora Sports Park, a fitting venue for the most important amateur soccer tour for the Hispanic community in the United States.

The 5v5 tournament featured the participation of 160 players, reaching a record number of 3,554 participants this year, surpassing the figures from 2021 (2,661) and 2022 (2,510).

Casa Thunder FC emerged as champions in the U10 category, defeating Centauros Soccer Academy 2-1. On the other hand, Alliance SC 2011 beat Barcita Longmont 3-0 in the U12 grand final.

In the U14 category, Fury prevailed over Panthers with a 1-0 victory, while Lobos FC triumphed with a 6-2 scoreline against Inter Valera in the U16 category. This thrilling match attracted numerous spectators on the final day of activities.

The second leg of the Tour 2023 will take place in Dallas, Texas, with available spots for children and young players to participate and strive for glory, both physically and to make their mark in Alianza de Fútbol history. It is the most anticipated circuit among soccer fans in the United States.

Don't miss the opportunity to be part of the upcoming Alianza de Fútbol party, where you will continue to capture the attention of all those who witness the various competitions organized by Alianza.

June 13, 2023

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