Alianza has new champions of the 5v5 in Los Angeles

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At the San Bernardino Soccer Complex in Los Angeles, the new champions of the Alianza 5v5 tournament were crowned during the sixth stop of the 2023 Alianza de Futbol Tour. The event brought together around 150 enthusiastic participants.

The Alianza 5v5, renowned as the most prestigious lightning tournament for the Hispanic community in the United States, has seen the emergence of Parakletos SC, Aztecas, Blues Futsal, and Boysen United as the victors. These teams showcased an impressive display of football skills throughout the tournament.

The 5v5 competition drew a large number of children and youths, with the participation of 144 players divided into 22 teams across four different categories, where competitors were up to eighteen years old.

In the U10 category, Parakletos SC claimed the title by defeating TFA Southwest LAX with a score of 4 (1) - 4 (0). On the other hand, Aztecas secured a commanding 6-1 victory over Blues Futsal in the U14 category. In the U16 division, Blues Futsal triumphed over Manchester United A with a score of 3 (2) - 3 (0). Finally, in the U18 category, Boysen United clinched the championship by defeating IEFC with a score of 8-4.

Each of these thrilling matches generated significant excitement among the spectators, despite the unusual weather conditions due to the impact of Hurricane Hilary on the San Bernardino complex. Nevertheless, the excellent level of football remained unchanged.

With this note of excitement and achievements, the tournament concluded successfully this past Sunday during the sixth leg of the Alianza Tour. The next stage of the competition will take place in San Jose, California, promising once again a strong presence from the Hispanic community.

August 23, 2023

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