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Boca Jr. Las Cruces Triumphs in El Paso's Verizon Copa Alianza

In an electrifying day that drew over 10,000 spectators in El Paso, Texas, Boca Jr Las Cruces emerged as the champions of the Verizon Copa Alianza, the most renowned amateur tournament for adults in the Hispanic community in the United States. From the outset, Boca Jr. set the standard. They dominated all their opponents and shined throughout the tournament, culminating in a 3-1 victory over Real Michoacán Colorado in the Grand Final.

The Las Cruces squad stood out for their gameplay: a style of soccer that embodies the ideals of Alianza, supported by a steadfast defense and a powerful attack. Despite conceding a goal in the final, the team never lost sight of their purpose: to lift the trophy and secure the monetary prize provided by Verizon for this 2023 Tour edition.

The Verizon Copa Alianza, featuring 240 players spread across twelve teams, was not only characterized by its high level of competition but also by the passion and commitment of its fans, many of whom aim to rejuvenate their careers. At the tournament's conclusion, the champion team was awarded a prize of five thousand dollars and the coveted trophy.

Following this successful year in El Paso, the Verizon Copa Alianza is now setting its sights on the 2024 Tour with the aim of continuing to make its mark on the community.

Created 12-09-2023

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