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Eight Teams Crowned Champions at Ford Copita Alianza Los Angeles

Ford Copita Alianza has once again ignited thrilling emotions in 2023 by crowning eight new champions during the sixth event held at San Bernardino in Los Angeles.

The teams Los Sauces Libertad, Xolos, SoCal Elite FC, Fiera, Laguna FC NPL, Laguna FC, Rosarito PA, and Laguna FC NPL emerged as the standout victors in various categories within the Alianza de Futbol circuit.

Once more, Ford Copita Alianza has proven to be a resounding success for the Hispanic community in the United States at an amateur level. In this edition, 1,548 children and youths registered for the tournament, forming 94 teams. A passionate audience of 28,236 witnessed a display of football talent at the historic San Bernardino Soccer Complex, a cherished site for Alianza. Despite the storms caused by Hurricane Hilary, the event unfolded successfully over two action-packed days.

Los Sauces Libertad claimed the U7 category by overcoming Phenom FC, while Xolos secured the U9 championship by defeating Meso 6-4. Similarly, SoCal Elite FC clinched the U11 title with a 2-1 victory against Parakletos SC.

Fiera emerged as the victor in the U13 category by triumphing 1-0 over Team Dragons. In the U16 Female category, Laguna FC secured the top spot by defeating Liverpool 2-0. Rosarito PA was crowned U17 champion after a 4-2 victory against Del Barrio FC, while Laguna FC NPL claimed the U19 title with a commanding 4-1 win over Profesional SA.

As is customary, the youth and junior tournament provided an epic experience for all attendees, who enjoyed the finest football courtesy of Alianza de Futbol. The organization's execution and meeting of expectations left no room for disappointment.

With the culmination of the thrilling matches that led to eight new champions in Los Angeles, Ford Copita Alianza now prepares to move to San Jose, California, where a new set of champions will be sought in a tournament promising substantial rewards.

Created 23-08-2023

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