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Heading to Los Angeles: Alianza de Futbol Unveils the Culminating Phase of its 2023 Tour

Los Angeles is gearing up to welcome the eagerly anticipated sixth leg of Alianza de Futbol's 2023 Tour, the premier amateur soccer circuit in the United States. The chosen stage for this thrilling gathering is the impressive San Bernardino Soccer Complex, located at 2500 Pacific St, San Bernardino, CA 92346. This sports complex has cemented itself as a second home for the organization, hosting the Allstate Sueño Alianza tryouts and a series of tournaments that promise to elevate the passion for soccer to its zenith.

The event is not merely intended as a showcase of talent but also aims to foster collaboration and competition among sports enthusiasts. The spotlight will be on the diverse tournaments that will bring this memorable weekend to life: the Ford Copita Alianza, the Verizon Copa Alianza, the ViX Alianza Femenil, and the Alianza 5v5, each with its unique essence and prizes at stake.

Alianza de Futbol's commitment to the holistic development of participants goes beyond the field. In alignment with this philosophy, a special edition of the Ford Qué Golazo de Grants initiative will be conducted. This program translates into tangible opportunities: a five-thousand-dollar scholarship to support the education of a minor under eighteen and enrollment in the ACCESS U Foundation. This underscores Alianza's dedication to promoting soccer talent and the personal and educational growth of young individuals.

The pinnacle of this event is Allstate Sueño Alianza. With all its spots filled, this scouting contest will attract the attention of scouts from Liga MX, MLS, and federations. The opportunity for hundreds of children and young individuals to emulate the successes of figures like Santiago Muñoz from Club Santos, Jonathan González from MLS's Minnesota United, Nico Carrera from Germany's FSV Zwickau, Mauricio Isáis from Toluca's Diablos Rojos, and Elliana Ramírez, who has strengthened the first team of Liga MX Femenil's Pachuca, serves as a source of inspiration and motivation.

Following the Allstate Sueño Alianza tryouts in Los Angeles, the most talented players will have the chance to receive personal invitations from teams or be honored with invitations to the National Showcase ceremony in Phoenix, Arizona, at the end of 2023.

Alianza's tournaments allow teams to showcase their skill and compete for financial rewards and distinctions. The Ford Copita Alianza and the Alianza 5v5 will award exceptional trophies and medals. In addition, the ViX Alianza Femenil will provide a two-thousand-dollar prize to the champions, while the Verizon Copa Alianza will bestow five thousand dollars upon the victorious team.

The San Bernardino Soccer Complex is poised to be the epicenter of this soccer celebration.

Alianza de Futbol's 2023 Tour promises a weekend brimming with adrenaline, emotions, and competition, where soccer will serve as the vehicle for expressing the talent and passion of young athletes. The field will transform into a stage where the sparks of competitive spirit will shine brightly.

Created 15-08-2023

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