Houston experienced a grand event during the third leg of the 2023 Alianza de Futbol Tour

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Over three action-packed days, 2,955 children and young people gathered in Houston to participate in the five exciting events of Alianza de Futbol: Allstate Sueño Alianza, ViX Alianza Femenil, Ford Copita Alianza, Verizon Copa Alianza, and Alianza 5v5, all of which had reached maximum capacity with registrations.

The Texan city witnessed a whirlwind of emotions during the third leg of the Alianza Tour, where every participant, whether in the tryouts or the tournaments, poured their hearts out on the field, showcasing their joy, commitment, and passion for soccer.

Bear Creek Pioneers Park attracted 32,714 fans who enjoyed each of the competitions. Saturday, in particular, captured attention as two renowned footballers were present: Omar Bravo, the legendary goal scorer for Chivas, and María Sánchez, a figure in the Mexican Women's National Team and Houston Dash.

The ViX Alianza Femenil tournament marked the beginning of the third stage with matches full of passion. Six teams and 120 participants gave their all on the field, culminating in Mendoza GFA's victory over East Texas Elite with a score of 2-1, crowning them as champions.

Ford Copita Alianza generated great enthusiasm among fans, with 1,890 players distributed across 128 teams. Undoubtedly, this tournament stood out as one of the weekend's main attractions. Here are the winners in each category:

  • U7: Raptors FC 1 (5-4) 1
  • U9: Houston All-stars 5-2
  • U11: The ACDMY 3-0
  • U13: ATX FC 7-0
  • U15: FC Dallas RGV 4-1
  • U15 G: 11 Star 3-0
  • U17: Horizon DISQUALIFIED
  • U18 G: ETX Threat 0 (6-5) 0
  • U19: Nacogdoches FC 4-3

Verizon Copa Alianza attracted eight teams and 160 players who gave their best in pursuit of the title. Athletic Kay defeated United FC 1-0 in an exciting match, claiming the championship and a well-deserved cash prize.

Alianza 5v5, an essential flash tournament for the Hispanic community in the United States, saw the participation of 36 teams and 256 players in various categories. Here are the champions in each Alianza 5v5 category:

  • U10: Soccer Centro Blue 3-1
  • U12: La Selección 4-1
  • U14: Crush FC SB09 3-1
  • U16: Strykers A 3-0
  • U18: City FC 5-1

The Allstate Sueño Alianza tryouts received a notable response from young players seeking to fulfill their dreams of becoming professional footballers. Scouts from Liga MX clubs, MLS, MLS NEXT, and the United States Federation evaluated five hundred twenty-nine young players.

Here is the list of attending scouts: Víctor Rangel (San Luis), Ricardo Enriquez (Monterrey), Irvin Enriquez (Bravos), Heriberto Olvera (Pachuca), Arturo Álvarez (U.S. Soccer), Angel Aguilera (Rise) Pablo Reyes (Houston Dynamo) Luis Población (Global Football Innovation Academy) Josh Gardner (Houston Rangers) Miguel Samayoa (Houston Rangers) Young players Bruno Montemayor and Kian Walsh received the distinction of the traditional scarf that opens the doors to the National Showcase in Phoenix, along with invitations from several clubs. Montemayor was invited by Bravos, San Luis, Pachuca, GFI, and Rise, while Walsh received invitations from Bravos, San Luis, Pachuca, Houston Dynamo, GFI, Rise, and Rayados.

Additionally, 66 direct invitations were extended by the scouts: Bravos (7), San Luis (3), Pachuca (5), Dynamo (6), GFI (20), Rise (20), and Rayados (5). Furthermore, two invitations were awarded to ACCESS U Foundation in Houston, offering an opportunity to combine education with collegiate sports. The selected individuals for this opportunity were Melany Gallegos, who received invitations from Rayados and Rise, and Logan Reich, who received invitations from Rayados and Rise.

In addition to Omar Bravo and María Sánchez representing Ford, Oribe Peralta also participated in the event as part of Verizon's activation, a key brand associated with Copa Alianza. Oribe is recognized as a crucial figure in Mexican football history, especially for the national team's greatest achievement: winning the gold medal at the 2012 London Olympics.

As Houston bids an emotional farewell to the third leg of the 2023 Tour, we now eagerly prepare to welcome the fourth stage at the Stuart Sports Complex in Chicago on July 22 and 23. The excitement will not stop!

July 12, 2023

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