The 2023 Alianza de Futbol Tour is in its final phase and is gearing up to debut in San Jose, California

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Following a series of six successful stages, the last of which stood out for featuring some evening matches due to the effects of Hurricane Hilary, the spotlight now shifts to San Jose. On this occasion, the Allstate Sueño Alianza and the Verizon Copa Alianza, Ford Copita Alianza, ViX Alianza Femenil, and Alianza 5v5 tournaments will take place at the Morgan Hills Sports Center, located explicitly at 16500 Condit RD Morgan Hill, CA 95037.

The stop in San Jose holds significant importance for Alianza as this city has become one of the new venues for the event. This offers an excellent opportunity for members of the Hispanic community who, for various reasons, have yet to have the chance to attend previous editions of the Alianza event. Particularly, those residing near or within California can showcase their football prowess on this stage. With over 300,000 Hispanics in the city, according to reports, San Jose emerges as fertile ground due to its substantial presence of Spanish speakers, a circumstance Alianza leverages in favor of the sport.

As customary in each stage of the Tour, the spotlight on the second day is on the Allstate Sueño Alianza scarf presentation event. Here, young players can showcase their football talent in front of scouts and representatives from Liga MX, MLS, and sports federations. These young talents aspire to secure their first step toward a professional sports career.

In addition to the prominent presence of Allstate Sueño Alianza and the various ongoing competitions, Ford continues to reaffirm its social commitment by providing an enrollment to the ACCESS U Foundation, along with a sum of five thousand dollars to support the educational expenses of young individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds, all under the age of eighteen.

The goal these aspirants pursue is to emulate the successes achieved by figures like Jonathan González, Santiago Muñoz, Nico Carrera, and Mauricio Isais, who have transitioned from Alianza to prominent clubs. The most recent example is Isais' transfer from Pachuca to Toluca. In the women's sphere, Elliana Ramírez is a role model for her involvement in Liga MX Femenil with Mexico's Tuzas.

After being evaluated by a variety of scouts present at the seventh stage, some young talents will receive direct invitations to put their skills to the test with different clubs. Alternatively, they may secure a spot in the National Showcase in Phoenix, an event that allows them to showcase their talent before renowned and experienced observers.

It's worth noting that each tournament that's part of Alianza's offerings not only bestows the honor of being recognized in the organization's history but also offers economic rewards for ViX Alianza Femenil and Verizon Copa Alianza champions. Additionally, Ford Copita Alianza and Alianza 5v5 winners will receive valuable trophies and medals.

In summary, the 2023 Alianza de Futbol Tour promises unparalleled passion, adrenaline, and competition on the field. Alongside this, it fosters camaraderie among hundreds of participants and thousands of spectators who will witness an event that will undoubtedly leave its mark on the pitch.

August 24, 2023

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