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Texas Internacional, the big champions

The final of the Verizon Copa Alianza, one of the favorite tournaments and also the most important amateur soccer competition for Hispanics in the United States, was in charge of closing the historic weekend in Houston.

After beating Houston FC 2-0, Texas International was proclaimed the absolute champion of the 2022 edition of the Verizon Copa Alianza.

Repeating the same feat as last year in the Ford Copita Alianza U19 category, a victory that reflects the great tradition of young Hispanics in futbol.

The tournament had the presence of the Mexican international figure, Pavel Pardo, in addition to 160 registered soccer players and 8 teams divided into 2 groups, all with the goal of obtaining the cup, which not only gives them a prize of $5,000 dollars, but also secures them a spot alongside the second place team in the National Finals.

With the passage of the Verizon Copa Alianza through Houston, Texas International and Houston FC join to the rest of the finalist teams that the tournament crowned in Phoenix, Dallas and Denver, the 8 teams that are currently classified that will compete together with Both finalists of Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, San José, El Paso and Austin for the $50,000 in Verizon Copa Alianza National Finals, one of the most important Alianza de Futbol events and the Icon of Amateur Futbol in the country.

Created 12-07-2022

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