TUDN Alianza Femenil changes its name to ViX Alianza Femenil

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Alianza de Futbol today announced the launch of ViX Alianza Femenil, formerly known as TUDN Alianza Femenil.

Alianza de Futbol and TelevisaUnivision have reaffirmed their commitment to the Hispanic community in 2023 through the ViX partnership to lead the largest Hispanic soccer tournament for women as a key opportunity for young players to showcase themselves in front of scouts from various professional teams and organizations throughout the 2023 tour.

ViX Alianza Femenil will take place in the eight American cities during the Alianza de Futbol tour in 2023: Denver, Dallas, Houston, Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, San José, and El Paso.

Since its creation, ViX Alianza Femenil has registered a constant increase in the participation of women in each of the venues.

That confirms its relevance at the national level. In each city, teams will face each other for the chance to win a $2,000 cash prize in addition to the prestigious trophy and winner’s medal.

ViX Alianza Femenil will feature two phases, a preliminary round-robin format followed by the direct elimination phase that builds up to the grand final.

Each match will be played across two 30-minute halves. According to the tournament regulations, lineups will feature at least seven players on the field per team, including goalkeepers.

ViX is a product derived from the TelevisaUnivision merger, which has promised to give variety to the sports industry, including Liga MX, Liga MX Femenil and UEFA Champions League broadcasts in the United States on the Zona TUDN channel.

ViX programming also includes Ellas en ViX, dedicated to the Women's MX League and Women's Soccer, TUDN Picks, Tiro Libre, and TUDN News. ViX Alianza Femenil continues to grow, as last year's tour cemented its significant in New York, Denver, and Chicago.

Women's soccer’s global growth and development, of which Alianza de Futbol is a part of, continues to soar through programming like ViX Alianza Femenil thanks in part to its competitive level, logistics, and foundational elements to promote the sport among women in the Hispanic community.

May 03, 2023

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