Alianza Femenil, the first Hispanic female amateur tournament in the United States had a great end to its activities in Denver, where 400 players from the open category left it all on the field in order to take the trophy home.

The summer heat only added fuel to the fire of these back-and-forth battles that kept the crowd on its toes.

This was a hard-fought championship, proving all participants worthy, but as we know, there’s room for only one winner, and in the final match, Indios Denver defeated Chicas FC 2-0.

The champions were awarded with a check for $ 1,500, the coveted title and trophy, medals, and uniforms for participating; the second-place team also took home medals and uniforms for their valiant effort.

And if you thought Denver was heating up then Chicago is gonna set you ablaze, so don’t miss the games on July 20 and 21 for the 2019 tour’s sixth phase.

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