Ford Qué Golazo de Grants is back in 2024!

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With the help of Alianza de Futbol partner Ford, we launched the Ford Qué Golazo de Grants program ahead of the 2023 Tour. The program rewards Alianza participants looking to achieve their dreams and we’re excited for its return in 2024.

What is Ford Qué Golazo de Grants?

Ford Qué Golazo de Grants rewards $5,000 grants to 10 winners during the Alianza de Futbol Tour. The application-based contest asks participants ages 14-18 to submit a video explaining why they deserve one of the 10 grants and how they aim to use the money to achieve future athletic and educational goals.



In addition to receiving the grant, winners also gain admission to ACCESS U, which is designed to help underserved Hispanic and Black players and their families through, among other things, the collegiate recruitment, admissions, and aid process.