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Alianza de Fútbol Successfully Closes its 2023 Tour in El Paso

The curtain has come down on Alianza de Fútbol's thrilling 2023 Tour, with El Paso serving as the epicenter of this exciting finale. The organization reaffirmed its unwavering commitment to supporting talented young athletes in their quest for professional opportunities by awarding the final 51 invitations.

These invitations allow players to showcase their skills before renowned clubs or secure a spot at the prestigious National Showcase in Phoenix.

A total of 445 soccer players gathered at the Westside Soccer Complex in this Texan town, where the stage was set for these young talents to prove themselves under the watchful eyes of top-level scouts. Represented among the attending teams were FC Bravos, FC Dallas, the Mexican Football Federation, Atlético San Luis, Pachuca, Real Salt Lake, Necaxa, Toluca, and Austin FC from the MLS, all in search of future sports stars.

Standing out in this final stage, FC Bravos and Toluca were the most generous in extending many invitations. This is no surprise, as Sueño Alianza has historically been the launching pad for numerous stars who now shine in Liga MX, the MLS, and European football.

In the case of FC Bravos, fifteen players received the coveted call to try out for the team. Among them are names like Ashlee Mora, Emily Morales, Anthony Arango (who also earned a pass to the National Showcase), Aric Mata, Emiliano Estrada, Saúl Ríos, Johan Hernández, Eugenio Gutiérrez, Iván García, Rafael Chávez, Alessandro Rodríguez, Alan Meza, Zayed Villarreal, Alexis García, and Sergio Kong.

On the other hand, Toluca, a team that boasts the prominent presence of Mauricio Isais, a product of Alianza acquired in the transfer market, granted eleven coveted invitations. Among the fortunate ones are Ashlee Mora, Emily Morales, Luis Gutiérrez (also guaranteed a spot at the National Showcase), Aric Mata, Emiliano Estrada, Saúl Ríos, Dante Hernández, Eugenio Gutiérrez, Alessandro Rodríguez, Kristopher Salas, and César Villa.

Additionally, eight young talents—Ashlee Mora, Doriela Norzagaray, Emily Morales, Jennifer Rosales, Lia Victoria Salido, Paulette Prochovnick, Isabela Prieto, and Alondra Muñoz—were selected to join ACCESS U Foundation. This program will allow them to combine their passion for sports with a solid and quality education.

The grand finale of this thrilling year in Allstate Sueño Alianza will be the National Showcase in Phoenix, Arizona, where dozens of scouts from North America will be in search of the most outstanding footballers. As is tradition in Alianza, the event will conclude with an emotional scarf ceremony featuring distinguished sports personalities.

Created 12-09-2023

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