Chevron Soccer Academy Arrives in Bakersfield

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This weekend marked the Chevron Soccer Academy 2024 season kickoff in Bakersfield, California. Chevron once again teamed up with Alianza de Futbol to bring soccer to Hispanic children and youth in the United States, who got the chance to interact and showcase their skills on the field alongside stars like Omar Bravo, a legend of Mexico's Chivas, and Isabella Echeverri, a global icon of Colombian women's soccer.

One hundred sixty-nine youngsters aged 9 to 15 attended the first day of the academy at Bakersfield College, where a professional atmosphere was recreated for them to experience top-level training and develop various skills in different stations on the field, such as scoring against the opponent's goal, tactical work, ball handling skills, agility, and physical development.

On the second day, 170 youths aged 15 to 17 showcased their soccer talents during tryouts organized by Chevron and Alianza, attended by scouts from clubs like LAFC of the MLS, Pachuca, and Club América of Liga MX.

Los Tuzos extended seven invitations, LAFC made six, while América invited five young players. Two of them received Fast Access to Los Angeles, and one was called for the ACCESS U program.

Iván Bustos from Bakersfield and Eduardo González from Lynwood were the most noticed, with four invitations each from Pachuca and América from Mexico, LAFC from the United States, and Fast Access to Los Angeles.

Following them was Javier Villatoro from Los Angeles with three invitations: Pachuca, LAFC, and Fast Access.


  • Barak Reyes, Visalia CA (1): LAFC
  • Sofía Rodríguez, Los Ángeles CA (2): Pachuca, América
  • Jacob Navarro, Santa Paula CA (2): Pachuca, LAFC
  • Jeshua Magana, Ventura CA (1): LAFC
  • Alinah Aguilar, San Pablo CA (1): América
  • Jessie Ruiz, Bakersfield CA (1): Pachuca
  • Miranda Reynoso, Arleta CA (1): Pachuca
  • Zoey Rodríguez, Lemoore CA (1): ACCESS U 

The atmosphere and enthusiasm of the children were palpable throughout a unique weekend, with a very pleasant climate allowing them to give their all on the field. Thus, Chevron Soccer Academy completed its first of four scheduled events for 2024 and will now head to the Salinas Regional Soccer Complex in Salinas, California, on July 13 and 14.

Salinas, see you soon.

May 21, 2024

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