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Shining Football Talent Takes Center Stage in Los Angeles

The passion for soccer took hold of Los Angeles during an exhilarating weekend. The main stage, the San Bernardino Soccer Complex, reverberated with the intensity of the sixth stage of the 2023 Alianza de Futbol Tour, where the skill and fervor of amateur footballers shone brightly.

The magic of the beautiful game brought together 28,236 fans in California, who bore witness to an exceptional soccer spectacle. The fields were filled with passionate players showcasing their skills and dedication in the Allstate Sueño Alianza selection stages, as well as in the Ford Copita Alianza, Verizon Copa Alianza, ViX Alianza Femenil, and Alianza 5v5 tournaments.

Despite the adverse weather conditions caused by Category 1 Hurricane Hilary, which led to the scheduling of nighttime matches, the high level of play persisted throughout the weekend.

The event boasted special guests: Pavel Pardo, the Mexican soccer legend, and Carlos Salcido, historical captain of Chivas and an emblematic figure for both the club and national football. Both former players shared unforgettable moments by signing autographs and interacting with enthusiastic fans and participants.

The Ford Copita Alianza tournament brought together 1,548 players in eight different categories. Los Sauces Libertad were crowned champions in the U7 category, Xolos in U9, SoCal Elite FC in U11, Fiera in U13, Laguna FC NPL in U15, Laguna FC in U16 Femenil, Rosarito PA in U17, and Laguna FC NPL in U19.

The Verizon Copa Alianza featured ten teams divided into three groups with 200 entrants, with Chiriaco FC emerging as the leader of Group B with seven points in three matches. Chiriaco edged out Andrea FC, leaders of Group A with the same point count, securing a prize of five thousand dollars with a 2-1 victory.

The Resto del Mundo team emerged as champions of the ViX Alianza Femenil after defeating Los Sauces FC 2-0 in the grand final. Resto del Mundo showcased their superiority in the title bout, having taken second place in Group B of the Group Stage with seven points. The women's tournament saw the participation of 160 players distributed across eight teams.

The Alianza 5v5 tournament witnessed the triumph of four champions in the most prominent amateur lightning tournament in the Hispanic community of the United States. Parakletos FC claimed the U10 category championship by defeating TFA Southwest LAX in penalties; Aztecas dominated Blues FutSal 6-1 in U14; Blues Futsal emerged victorious in penalties against Manchester United A in U16; and Boysen United dominated IEPC 8-4 in U18. The 5v5 tournament featured 144 entrants divided into 22 teams.

The Allstate Sueño Alianza program, a crucial showcase for young Hispanic talents in the United States, drew 583 participants. These future stars were under the watchful eyes of scouts from teams such as LAFC, the Mexican Football Federation, Real Salt Lake, Sporting Kansas City, Cimarrones de Sonora, Bravos de Juárez, Portland Timbers, Grupo Orlegi (Atlas/Santos), US Soccer, and Tuzos del Pachuca.

A total of 35 direct invitations were distributed to eighteen young players. Among the teams leading the charge in talent scouting were Juárez and Grupo Orlegi (Atlas/Santos), Mexican teams at the forefront of the mission to discover future talents.

Alejandro Landavazo, hailing from Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, captured the scouts' attention, receiving direct invitations from Atlas/Santos, LAFC, Necaxa, Bravos, and Cimarrones, as well as for the National Showcase. Both Landavazo and Elena Vera, coming from Fairfield, California, secured their spots for the National event set to take place in late 2023 in Phoenix, a gathering promising to be a melting pot of scouts in search of new talents. It's worth noting that Vera was also tempted to join the women's teams of Atlas/Santos and Juárez, a pivotal choice for her future.

With the successful conclusion of the sixth stage, Alianza de Futbol gears up for its next challenge at the Morgan Hills Sports Center in San Jose, California, on August 26 and 27. Registrations are already open for those willing to vie for glory on the field.

Created 23-08-2023

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