Soccer fever hits Dallas

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For two days, 150 teams took part in the second stage of the 2023 Alianza de Futbol Tour, held at the Harold Patterson Sports Complex. The city of Dallas, known for its great soccer fandom, sold out registrations for all the tournaments and the Allstate Sueño Alianza scouting program. The Verizon Copa Alianza, Ford Copita Alianza, ViX Alianza Femenil, and Alianza 5v5 matches were filled with joy, passion, and determination.

The Harold Patterson Sports Complex exceeded attendance from the last three years of the tour, with 28,244 spectators, surpassing the figures from 2021 (17,788) and 2022 (24,572), demonstrating Alianza's strong presence in this community.

ViX Alianza Femenil kicked off the weekend with exciting matches in which eight teams and 160 players competed for the second-leg championship. Deportivo Garland was crowned champion in the final by defeating DI Brasil 3-0. It is worth mentioning that Garland is the foundation of Team Mendoza, winners in three previous editions of this tournament.

Ford Copita Alianza attracted over 1,800 participants across various age groups and featured the participation of 118 teams, becoming one of the most attractive weekend tournaments.

Here are the winners in each category of Ford Copita Alianza:

- U7: PST 16 Black 0 (3)-(1) 0

- U9: West Texas Select (3-1)

- U11: PSG (4-2)

- U13: ATX FC (4-0)

- U15: Star Players (2-1)

- U16 G: ET FC United (1-0)

- U17: SOKC Filial León (3-1)

- U19: FC Interclubes 0 (3)-(2) 0

The adult tournament, Verizon Copa Alianza, featured the participation of eight teams and 160 players, who demonstrated grit and determination in their quest for the season's second trophy. In one of the most intense finals of Sunday afternoon, Dallas Deportivo became champions for the first time by defeating Royalty FC 3-2. Alianza 5v5, the flash tournament, crowned five champions in different categories during this second stage of the 2023 Tour. In total, 24 teams participated, adding up to 160 players.

Here are the champions in each category of Alianza 5v5:

- U10: Tiburones FC (4-0)

- U12: HP (4-2)

- U14: Revolución (2-0)

- U16: Aztahuacan (3-2)

- U18: Deportivo Mesquite (2-1)

On the other hand, the Allstate Sueño Alianza scouting program experienced an intense weekend. A total of 522 players took to the fields of Harold Patterson, where they were observed by nine scouts from Liga MX, MLS, and US Soccer clubs in the United States.

The following scouts were present:

- Pablo Ramírez (Houston Dynamo)

- Jorge Domínguez (Chivas)

- José Manuel Viay (Pachuca)

- Víctor Rangel (San Luis)

- Farid Gonzalez (Bravos FC)

- Perfecto Acevedo (Santos and Atlas - Orlegi Sports)

- Rafael Brazo (US Soccer)

- Jorge Tello (Necaxa)

Two young footballers, Jalen Chaney, and Owen Cruz, received invitations to the National Showcase. Additionally, 62 exclusive invitations were extended for direct trials with professional teams, with Dynamo (3), Chivas (3), Pachuca (6), San Luis (9), Santos-Atlas (20), and Bravos de Juárez FC (21) being the teams that extended the invitations.

In Dallas, two invitations were also awarded to the Access U Foundation, which combines education with sports, allowing young individuals to pursue a university career while playing soccer at the collegiate level. Jalen Chaney, who also received an invitation to the National Showcase, and Victoria Delatorre were the selected individuals by Access U.

Celebrities were also present at the event. Oribe Peralta, recognized as one of the key figures in Mexican soccer history for achieving the gold medal in the 2012 London Olympics, was present at the Verizon activation. Likewise, Omar Bravo, the all-time leading scorer for Club Deportivo Guadalajara (Chivas), took part in the Ford activation.

With a flurry of invitations at Allstate Sueño Alianza, Mexican soccer legends, and record attendance, Dallas concluded the second stage of the 2023 Tour. The excitement continues in Houston with the third stage, which will take place on July 8th and 9th at Bear Creek Pioneers Park.

June 20, 2023

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