Invitations rain in Austin

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In Austin, the tenth and final viewing of the 2022 Allstate Sueño Alianza tour took place, and the soccer talent surprised the viewers. Four youths got their pass to the Allstate Sueño Alianza Nacional Showcase, a unique opportunity for all those who decide to make soccer a profession, and which will be attended by more than 25 Mexican and American soccer scouts, as well as representatives of the Mexican federation de Futbol and US Soccer.

Isaac Alaniz, Adrian Ríos, Raylie Ramirez and Aubrie Ramos were the futbol players who stood out in the eyes of the viewers, out of 288 soccer players, their determination, effort and talent were the key to obtain the coveted blue scarf and thus, qualifying for the next stage.

In turn, 22 participants were invited to try out with professional teams, more than twice as many as last year in the same city:

Isaac Alaniz- Tigers, Austin

Jorge Lozano-Pachuca

Carlos Jasso - Tigers

Ernesto Meléndez-Cimarrones

Christopher Arteaga-Cimarrones

Adrian Rios-Austin

Rodrigo Maldonado-Austin

Olvin Joshua-Austin

Diego Zuñiga- Pachuca, Cimarrones

Emmanuel Aranda- Cimarrones

Jorge Lopez- Pachuca

Andrés López- Pachuca, Cimarrones

Isaac Romero- Pachuca, Tigres, Cimarrones

Lorenzo Carrasco-Cimarrones

Christian Schaeffer- Maroons

Angel Derath- Maroons

Juan Velez- Cimarrones

Raylie Ramires - Pachuca

German Vianney- Pachuca

Daysha Torres - Pachuca

Aubrie Ramos - Pachuca

German Itzel- Pachuca

The 10-city tour came to an end; Now it's time to prepare for the Allstate Sueño Alianza National Showcase, where more than 60 young people from all over the country will live an unforgettable experience and the great opportunity to be seen by more than 25 professional viewers: From November 6 to 10, in Phoenix.

September 20, 2022

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