Denver successfully kicks off the 2023 Tour

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Denver, Colorado. June 12, 2023. Over three days, more than 150 teams participated in the tour's first stage, where talent and football passion took center stage.

As the starting point of this tour, the city of Denver made a brilliant season debut, breaking records and creating unforgettable moments for the vibrant Hispanic community, which continues to demonstrate its significant relevance in the United States. With a notable attendance of 30,150 spectators, showing a gradual increase over the past three years, active participation from 3,564 players, and the presence of 169 teams, Denver successfully concluded the first stage of the 18th edition of Alianza de Fútbol. This tournament has become a tradition in the amateur football scene.

ViX Alianza Femenil kicked off the weekend with an outstanding display at Aurora Sports Park. Six teams and 120 players competed for the championship in this first leg. In an exciting final, Indios Denver FC claimed the title with a 3-0 victory over Xaloztoc, extending their impressive dominance for four consecutive years.

It is worth mentioning that four players from Indios FC received invitations to join the Club Pachuca Femenil.

On the other hand, Ford Copita Alianza attracted over 1,500 players across all categories, becoming one of the most acclaimed events among fans in this inaugural edition.

Here are the champions in each category:

- U7: Casa Thunders FC - 2 (1)-(0) 2

- U9: Cosmos (7-2)

- U11: Centauros Soccer Academy (6-0)

- U13: Athletic Club (3-2)

- U15: Athletic Club (5-4)

- U17: Red Stone (1-0)

- U19: Internacional (4-3)

Verizon Copa Alianza brought together 30 teams in the most prominent amateur adult soccer competition in the country. The tournament was enriched by the presence of Julio 'Momia' Gómez and Giovanni Casillas, who were crowned Under-17 World Champions with Mexico in 2011. In a surprising final, Valencia FC emerged as the champions, defeating Azteca FC 1-0, a regular contender in the finals and winner of the title in the past four years.

Alianza 5v5, one of the most highly anticipated events due to its unmatched intensity in every minute of play, captivated 26 teams and attracted 160 participants in its thrilling opening round. Across different categories, four teams emerged as undisputed champions: Casa Thunder FC in the Sub-10 category with an exciting 2-1 victory over Centauros, Alliance SC in the Sub-12 category with a dominant 3-0 win against Barcita Logmont, Fury in the Sub-14 category securing a narrow 1-0 win against Panthers, and Lobos FC in the Sub-16 category with an impressive 6-2 victory over Inter Valera.

Furthermore, Allstate Sueño Alianza kicked off its exciting first phase with the participation of 362 footballers. Four talented players received exclusive invitations from this group to try out for professional teams in Mexico's Liga MX. The experienced Jorge Tello invited Jessie de Jesús and Adrián Corona to try out with Necaxa, while Ariah Velasquez received a valuable opportunity under the guidance of José Manuel Viay at Pachuca. Additionally, both Tello and Viay invited Xavier Soria. He will also have the opportunity to showcase his talent at the prestigious National Showcase event, where prominent scouts from clubs in Mexico, the United States, MLS Next, universities, the renowned Barcelona academy, and the Mexican and United States federations will be paying close attention to his performance.

In Denver, six invitations were also awarded for joining the Access U Foundation, an initiative that combines a university education with football practice.

The lucky recipients of these invitations are Alexander Hohl, Itzamna Cendejas, Amainary Vidana, Hayde Flores, Brianna Wells, and Iveth Loya.

The first leg of the 2023 tour concluded on a high note by awarding the first $5,000 check and the Access U enrollment as part of the Ford Qué Golazo de Grant program to a talented U15 player from the Casa Thunder team in Ford Copita Alianza.

Denver sets the stage for the Alianza tour in the best possible way, breaking its records for attendance and registrations for the third consecutive year in Allstate Sueño Alianza (362), teams (169), players (3,554), and overall attendance (30,150). The next leg will take place in Dallas on July 17th and 18th at the prestigious Harold Patterson Sports Center.

June 13, 2023

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